Flame Runner

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Not to be confused with Flame Flyer or Flame Rider.
Flame Runner
Bowser Bike
Bowser on the Flame Runner
Size Class Large
Strong stats Speed, Weight, Drift, Mini-Turbo
Weak stats Acceleration, Handling, Off-Road
Appearances Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (trophy cameo)

The Flame Runner (known as the Bowser Bike in the British English version) is a large-sized bike which appears in the game Mario Kart Wii. As the British English name suggests, the bike resembles Bowser; the coloring of the bike even mirrors Bowser himself. Its general shape also resembles a naked bike. The emblem is located on the sides of the bike. No other vehicles in Mario Kart Wii bear physical resemblances to its playable characters. The Japanese name of the bike, Super Bowser, uses Bowser's English name instead of using his Japanese name of Koopa. This was later used with the DLC Bone Rattler from Mario Kart 8.

The kart counterpart for this bike is the Flame Flyer. Its rough medium and small counterparts are the Mach Bike and Bullet Bike respectively.


Mario Kart Wii[edit]

The Flame Runner has great speed with good weight, drifting and mini-turbo. It is the second lightest large bike in the game. Its speed is tied with the Blue Falcon, and it is the third fastest bike in the game, behind the Sneakster and the Spear. It is moderately heavy, having its weight tied with the Standard Bike L. However, the bike suffers from the worst acceleration among all bikes in the game, and its handling and off-road (tied with the Sprinter) are also rather low.

The Flame Runner is one of seven vehicles in Mario Kart Wii to go through a design change other than a palette-swap; the others being the Booster Seat, Bit Bike, Wario Bike, Shooting Star, Spear, and Phantom. In this case, Bowser's and Dry Bowser's Flame Runner have their exhaust pipes positioned lower than the other bikes. Also, Rosalina's and Female Mii’s Flame Runner feature shorter handlebars than the other Flame Runners.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Bowser's Flame Runner makes a cameo appearance as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

Speed: 60/80
Weight: 54/80
Acceleration: 18/80
Handling: 24/80
Drift: 51/80
Off-road: 21/80
Mini-turbo: 51/80
Vehicle type:

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy[edit]

Name Image Appears In American English Description British English Description
Bowser + Flame Runner
Bowser + Bowser Bike
SSB4TrophyBowserFlameRunner.png Wii Mario Kart Wii (04/2008) Now THIS is a monster of a bike! It was obviously designed with Bowser in mind, since they both weigh a ton and both have trouble accelerating. Once you get up to top speed, though, these two really come into their own! Incidentally, Bowser is known as Koopa in Japan, but the Japanese name for this bike is Super Bowser. How rare. Now THIS is a monster of a bike! It was clearly designed with Bowser in mind, but since they both weigh a ton, they might have trouble accelerating. Once they get to top speed, though, they're a practically unstoppable team! Incidentally, although Bowser is known as Koopa in Japan, this bike still uses his English name there.

Color schemes[edit]

Dry Bowser using his Flame Runner on GBA Bowser Castle 3

On the Flame Runner, the color changes on the front wheel well and back wheel, the bike's body, and the exhaust pipe.

Character Color scheme Image
Wario Purple well, yellow body, gold exhaust pipe FlameRunner-Wario.png
Waluigi Dark blue well and body, silver exhaust pipe FlameRunner-Waluigi.png
Donkey Kong Maroon well and body, gold exhaust pipe FlameRunner-DonkeyKong.png
Bowser Red well, yellow body, gold exhaust pipe FlameRunner-Bowser.png
King Boo Black well and body, silver exhaust pipe FlameRunner-KingBoo.png
Rosalina Blue well, gray body, silver exhaust pipe FlameRunner-Rosalina.png
Funky Kong Maroon well, light tan body, gold exhaust pipe FlameRunner-FunkyKong.png
Dry Bowser Brown well, gray body, silver exhaust pipe FlameRunner-DryBowser.png
Male Mii Golden well, light tan body, silver exhaust pipe FlameRunner-MiiM.png
Female Mii Pink well, a pinkish light tan body, gold exhaust pipe FlameRunner-MiiF.png

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーバウザー
Sūpā Bauzā
Super Bowser
French (NOA) Moto Flammes Flame Bike
French (NOE) Bécane Bowser Bowser Bike
German Bowser-Bike
Italian Moto Bowser Bowser Bike
Korean 쿠파라이더
Kupa Raideou
Bowser Rider
Spanish Moto de Bowser Bowser Bike