Mini Beast

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Mini Beast
Toad on the Mini Beast
Size Class Small
Strong stats Speed, Drift, Mini-Turbo
Weak stats Weight, Acceleration, Handling, Off-Road
Appearances Mario Kart Wii

The Mini Beast (known as the Concerto in Europe and Oceania) is a small-sized kart in the game Mario Kart Wii. It looks somewhat like an American hot rod by having an engine blower and supercharger. The character's emblem is engraved in the license plate holder at the back of the kart. Its bike counterpart is the Bullet Bike.

The kart's engine sound is later recycled for the B Dasher and Bruiser from Mario Kart 7.


Speed: 55/80
Weight: 32/80
Acceleration: 29/80
Handling: 32/80
Drift: 64/80
Off-road: 27/80
Mini-turbo: 64/80
Vehicle Type:

The Mini Beast features great speed and the highest drifting and Mini-Turbo among all karts: it is the second fastest small vehicle in the game. However, the vehicle is rather light and suffers from low acceleration, handling, and off-road. The Mini Beast looks similar to the Flame Flyer due to the supercharger popping out of its hood. Statistically, the Mini Beast is loosely similar to that of the Piranha Prowler, having the same speed and acceleration, as well as having nearly the same off-road and handling. The Mini Beast also has the same speed stat as the Mach Bike. Its weight is tied with the Sugarscoot.

Color schemes[edit]

  • Baby Mario – White front, red body, black back, pale blue headlights, orange lights in motor.
  • Baby Luigi – White front, blue body, green back, blue headlights and lights in motor.
  • Baby Peach – White front, pink body, hot pink back, pink headlights and lights in motor.
  • Baby Daisy – Yellow front, light brown body, red back and headlights, orange lights in motor.
  • Toad – White front, yellow body, red back, blue headlights, yellow lights in motor.
  • Toadette – Yellow-orange front, magenta body, purple back and headlights, pink and yellow lights in motor.
  • Koopa Troopa – Slightly green front, green body, blue back, green headlights, turquoise lights in motor.
  • Dry Bones – Gray front, very dark blue body, black back, teal headlights, gray lights in motor.
  • Male Mii – White front, light blue body, blue back and headlights, blue lights in motor.
  • Female Mii – White front, apricot body, red back and headlights and lights in motor.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニ・チャージャー
Mini Chājā
Mini Charger
Spanish Minibestia Mini Beast
French (NOA) Mini-bête Mini-beast
French (NOE) Doryphare Pun of the words doryphore (a species of beetle) and phare (headlamp).
German Minibiest Mini Beast
Italian Pistoni Bollenti From Pistone and Bollire respectively; "Hot/Piping Hot Pistons"