Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla

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Not to be confused with Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla.
Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
Rocky Wrenches attacking Mario.
Level code 6-2
World World 6
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Boss Bowser Jr.
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Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla is the second-to-last level of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. This level takes place in and around an Airship owned by Bowser Jr., and it is filled with cannons and ammunition such as Bob-ombs and Bullet Bills. The ship tilts as it travels through the sky, and the tilt is visually present in battles, but has no effect on gameplay. This level features the final battle with Bowser Jr., the final Secret Door location and the final Comet Piece.

When this level is first unlocked, Mario cannot access it through the world map. Instead, the player must get a ride to the level from Flutter at Wiggler's Tree House. After doing so, Flutter will stay at Gate Cliff on the world map and can carry Mario to this level at any time. When Bowser Jr. is defeated and the Comet Piece is collected, Mario and Kersti can travel to Bowser's Sky Castle.


Mario arrives on the ship's bow via Flutter, and can leave the level by talking to Flutter. A Save Block is available nearby. From there, Mario can walk across the ship's deck, where there are Rocky Wrenches. Entering a door on the right side takes Mario into a cabin area with a Shiny Goomba and an Ice Bro. Some stairs are present, and these lead Mario down to the middle portion of the ship.

The stairs continue into a second room, and a Shiny Koopa is standing in the middle of the stairs. This room has a large group of Bob-ombs near some outward facing cannons, and two Hammer Bros on a higher floor that cannot be reached from this room. Mario can leave this room by going down more stairs or heading outside through a door near the cannons.

The door takes Mario out to a set of platforms attached to the side of the ship, where Bill Blasters fire Bullet Bills at Mario. Mario cannot enter battle with the Bill Blasters or the Bullet Bills; the Bullet Bills simply inflict two damage to Mario on contact and disappear. Mario can dispatch the Bullet Bills by jumping on them or using the Hammer against them. While there is a platform and a opening to Mario's right, Mario cannot jump far enough to reach that door. Instead, Mario can drop to a lower platform and enter a large gateway to return to the Airship's inner section.

Taking either the stairs or walking through the gate takes Mario to the bottom floor of the ship, specifically a room with gears and a large set of crates. Jumping to the top of the crate pile allows Mario to pull off a piece of Bowser Tape near a cannon. This cannon then swings over to the outdoor section of the level, and can be used as a platform. This allows Mario to reach the previously inaccessible opening from before.

By entering the ship through that opening, Mario can travel down a set of stairs to the bottom floor of the ship, although this is a different room. A Banzai Bill Cannon takes up the center of this room, and fires Banzai Bills out into the sky through an opening in the ship. Like the Bullet Bills from before, neither the Cannon nor the Banzai Bills can be battled; touching the Banzai Bills just damages Mario and knocks him aside. The Cannon, however, is loose and can be pulled out of the room via Paperization. As the Banzai Bill Cannon enters Mario's album, it flips over, such that the end that fires Banzai Bills is now pointing into the ship. When Mario returns the Banzai Bill Cannon to its proper place, the Cannon will fire a Banzai Bill through the ship, knocking holes through the rooms of the bottom floor. Afterward, the Banzai Bill Cannon ceases to function.

Mario can cross through the holes created by the Banzai Bill mishap, which takes him to a previously inaccessible third room. By climbing the boxes and stairs here, Mario can return to the second room except that he is on the same level that the Hammer Bros were on. From there, Mario can take more stairs upward leading to a second cabin area with a Fire Bro and a Boomerang Bro. The Boomerang Bro's battle includes two Broozers, and this is the only appearance of Broozers in the game. Walking out through a door takes Mario to a different portion of the Airship's deck.

The second part of the ship's deck has four crates on top, and two of the crates slide back and forth on the ship. There are also some Rocky Wrenches in the area. Mario can hop up some steps to reach a higher area with the wheel of the ship and a Heart Block. Mario can climb onto the railing of the ship with a green box in this location, and can jump from this railing onto the crates. Jumping across these crates allows Mario to reach the center of the Airship, with Bowser Jr. and the Comet Piece. Mario is required to fight Bowser Jr. to obtain the Comet Piece.

In battle, Bowser Jr. has 300 HP and a shield on his Junior Clown Car to reduce the damage he takes from attacks. He attacks by firing Spike Balls and bursts of fire from the Clown Car, as well as by ramming Mario. Tail Stickers are capable of deflecting Bowser Jr's fire, countering his ramming attack, and knocking his Spike Balls back at him. The latter counterattack inflicts 50 damage per Spike Ball that hits him, making it the most efficient way to defeat him. After Bowser Jr. has taken enough damage, his shield will break, reducing his defenses. Once defeated, Bowser Jr. is launched into the clouds, and Mario can obtain the Comet Piece.

Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door is located on the back wall in the first cabin area. This door leads Mario to a hidden balcony of the Airship, which has ? Blocks containing a Shiny POW Block, a Shiny Line Jump, a Shiny Hurlhammer, and a Megaflash Jump.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパJr.船団
Kuppa Junia Sendan
Bowser Jr. Armada
Chinese (Simplified) 酷霸王Jr.舰队
Kùbàwáng Jr. Jiànduì
Bowser Jr. Armada
Chinese (Traditional) 庫巴Jr.艦隊
Kùbā Jr. Jiànduì
Bowser Jr. Armada
French (NOA) Flottille de Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
German Bowser Jr.s Armada Bowser Jr.'s Armada
Italian Flotta di Bowser Junior Bowser Junior's Fleet
Spanish (NOA) Flotilla de Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
Spanish (NOE) Flotilla de Bowsy Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla