Red Switch Palace

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Red Switch Palace
SMW SwitchPalaceRed.png
Mario avoiding Koopas while holding a Switch Block
Level code RSP
World Vanilla Dome
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 200 seconds
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The Red Switch Palace is the third Switch Palace that Mario or Luigi can encounter in Super Mario World and its remake. It is found in the Vanilla Dome and unlocked by finding the secret exit of Vanilla Dome 2; coding inside Super Mario World indicated that the Red Switch Palace would actually have been encountered much later (in fact, nearing the end of the game at the Valley of Bowser). This level cannot be replayed after it has been completed.


The Red Switch

The palace consists of two rooms, which the player has 200 seconds on the timer to complete. The first room has eight Koopa Troopas, each separated by an Empty Block, with one Koopa next to a Yellow Shell. There is a Switch Block and a line of coins above the Koopas. The first Koopa enters the Yellow Shell and becomes a flashing shell. The player can press the Switch Block to turn the coins into blocks and vice versa, then jump onto the blocks above and run to the end of the room before the Switch Block's effect wears off. The flashing shell will follow the player below and defeat the other eight Koopas, earning the player an extra life.

The second room is empty except for the red ! Switch, which is activated by jumping on it.


Gameplay effects[edit]

When the red ! Switch is hit, all red Dotted-Line Blocks become red ! Blocks. These blocks help the player progress through levels by filling in certain gaps and allowing easy access to a few secret exits.

Levels with red ! Blocks[edit]

Red ! Blocks can be found in fifteen levels:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バニラドーム あかスイッチ
Banira Dōmu Aka Suicchi
Vanilla Dome Red Switch
French Palais Bloc Rouge Red Block Palace
German Rot. Schalterpalast Red Switch Palace
Italian Cupola Vaniglia, Interruttore rosso Vanilla Dome, Red Switch
Spanish Palacio Rojo Red Palace