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Mario and Yoshi looking at Pokeys

World-Level 9-5
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Groovy is the fifth level in the Special Zone of Super Mario World. Groovy is very similar in design to the early levels of the first world and is also featured in the demo shown after the title screen.


Groovy consists of one horizontal screen, which the player has 300 seconds on the Timer to complete. This level contains five Dragon Coins, and only one exit. Groovy is relatively short compared to other levels in the Special Zone.

Normal exit[edit]

The player starts out next to a red Koopa Troopa, whose shell can be used to hit the ? Block close by, which contains a Yoshi. After the first Volcano Lotus, Mario or Luigi can get a Super Star from the Roulette Block, which will help the player defeat numerous Pokeys, Jumping Piranha Plants, and Volcano Lotuses. At the end, there are three Confused Chucks guarding the Giant Gate.



The map of Groovy

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペシャリストのためのコース
Supesharisuto no Tame no Kōsu
Specialists Only Course
French Groovy From the English name
German Exzellent Excellent
Italian Ingarbugliato[1] Tangled
Spanish Enrevesado Confusing