Yoshi's Island 4

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Yoshi's Island 4
Yoshi's Island 4.png
Yoshi spits three fireballs.
Level code 1-4
World Yoshi's Island
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Yoshi's Island 4 is the fourth level on Yoshi's Island in Super Mario World. It takes place on a lake and features a lot of floating island platforms[1] as well as giant mushroom platforms. The water underneath carries the player backwards if fallen into. This level also introduces Cheep Cheeps and Pokeys.


A view of the level Yoshi's Island 4 from the map screen

This level consists of a main area, an optional area, and a short screen with the Giant Gate. The player is given 300 seconds on the timer to complete the level. The player starts on a mushroom platform with three Cheep Cheeps circling underneath, and if the player has completed the Yellow Switch Palace, a yellow Exclamation Mark Block containing a Super Mushroom is also there. If the player can jump onto the mushroom platform directly above the starting point offscreen and then run across the platform from left to right, they can reveal a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. Also early in the level is a Prize Block containing a Fire Flower. Continuing on, the player can notice floating island platforms in the water that serve as the ground for most of the level. However, standing on these platforms too long causes them to sink into the water, so the player must keep moving. Eventually, Floating Mines roll down the current, and they must be avoided. Near the middle of the level, a Warp Pipe takes the player to a waterless area where several Pokeys and a Message Block reside. The Message Block tells the player how to leave a level already cleared easily. After the player leaves this area, there is a Switch Block on a Rotating Block and a Super Star in another Rotating Block. Pressing the Switch Block makes the line of coins to the right transform into Brown Blocks, and red Koopa Troopas fall from higher Brown Blocks. The rest of the level consists of avoiding Floating Mines and Cheep Cheeps. At the end, the player can use the Message Block near the Giant Gate to gain extra points; this Message Block tells the player all about bonus points.


Sprite Name Count
Cheep Cheep from Super Mario World Cheep Cheep 6
Floating Mine Floating Mine 9
Sprite of a Pokey from Super Mario World Pokey 3
Sprite of a Red Koopa Troopa from Super Mario World Koopa Troopa (red) 3
Sprite of a Green Koopa without a Shell from Super Mario World Koopa without a Shell (red) 3 (if stomped)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨースターとう コース4
Yōsutā Tō Kōsu 4
Yoster Island Course 4
Chinese 耀东岛 4
Yàodōngdǎo 4
Yoshi's Island 4
French Ile de Yoshi 4 Yoshi's Island 4
German Yoshi-Insel 4 Yoshi Island 4
Italian Isola Yoshi 4 Yoshi's Island 4
Spanish Isla de Yoshi 4 Yoshi's Island 4


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