Vanilla Dome 2

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Vanilla Dome 2
World-Level 3-2
Game Super Mario World
Notes There is a secret exit that leads to the Red Switch Palace in this level.
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Vanilla Dome 2 is a level of Super Mario World. To get to this level, the players must clear the normal exit of Vanilla Dome 1. By completing this level through the Giant Gate, the players gain access to Vanilla Ghost House. By accessing the secret exit, the players gains access to Red Switch Palace. It is a mix of an underground and an underwater level.


The level starts off with Mario falling down into a small bed of water. The players will advance, and find a Cheep-Cheep that struggles to get inside the water. There is also a Buzzy Beetle there. Now the players will swim through a water with a couple of Cheep-Cheeps. The players will then find a block with a Vine inside of it. After, the players will encounter some more Buzzy Beetles. Now, the players will see an arrow made out of some coins and a Dragon Coin. The players will continue swimming, and will find a hidden 1-Up block, along with some coin blocks and a block with a power-up inside of it. More Cheep-Cheeps are seen here. The players will see a lone ? Block with a power-up inside of it. The path breaks from here. The players can either go up and back to the route they started from, hit the P Switch, and fall through the used blocks that were once unaccessible. Here the players will find a Key, Keyhole, and some more Cheep-Cheeps. If the players use it, they will have access to Red Switch Palace.

The players can also take the route that requires swimming to the right, where they will encounter some Chargin' Chucks. The players can also either go up and right, where they will encounter Buzzy Beetles and Chargin' Chucks. The players can find a block that switches between a Mushroom, Fire Flower, Cape, and a Star continuously, and the Midway Gate of the level. The players will see a hill that they can slide down, while collecting a Dragon Coin and some regular coins. The players will have to press the P Switch to get past the used blocks. A Chargin' Chuck and another lone power-up block can be seen here, along with some Turn Blocks. A pipe that the players can go through is right here, and it's a slippery level that contains a Coin Block, which has 10 coins in it, Buzzy Beetles, and Cheep-Cheeps. The players will advance, and will find another Chargin' Chuck with a Buzzy Beetle, and with a bunch of Swoopers. A Chargin' Chuck that can multiply into 3 Chucks can be seen here on a ledge. The Giant Gate can be seen here, and now the players will have access to Vanilla Ghost House.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バニラドーム コース2
Banira Dōmu Kōsu 2
Vanilla Dome Course 2
Spanish Colina Vainilla 2 Vanilla Hill 2
French Dome Vanille 2 Vanilla Dome 2
German Vanille-Dom 2 Vanilla Dome 2