Chocolate Island 1

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This article is about the level in Super Mario World. For the racetrack in Super Mario Kart, see Choco Island 1.
Chocolate Island 1
SMW ChocolateIsland1.PNG
World-Level 6-1
Game Super Mario World
Notes In this level, the player will encounter many Dino Rhinos and Dino-Torches.
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Chocolate Island 1 is a straightforward ground level in Super Mario World. This level takes place on a small island in between the Forest of Illusion and Chocolate Island. The most common enemies in the level are Dino Rhinos and Dino-Torches.


The level's layout

Mario starts on a flat platform with a Dino Rhino. After defeating the Dino Rhino, Mario must jump up the two sloped platforms, avoiding the Dino-Torch. Mario will land on a hill at the top of the screen, and must run down the hill, avoiding more Dino Rhinos and Dino-Torches. Along the way, there will be a bush that will give Mario a Super Mushroom when he runs past it. The hill will even out into a flat platform at the bottom of the screen, and as Mario runs across the ground, he will find ditches and bumps in the ground with many Dino-Torches and Dino Rhinos. Near the end of the level, there will be a Flying ? Block containing a Super Mushroom or Fire Flower. Next, Mario must jump onto the higher platform and go down the staircase-like ground, avoiding another Dino-Torch. Then, Mario will find a Warp Pipe with a Jumping Piranha Plant and a sloped platform with a Dino-Torch. The first Dragon Coin is found above a yellow Warp Pipe. After getting past these obstacles, Mario must enter the yellow Warp Pipe. This connects to the Cannon Pipe that shoots Mario across a wide bottomless pit. Mario will fly over a Dino Rhino and slide down a slope to the bottom of the screen. There will be a springboard at the edge at the platform, which Mario must use to hit the Midway Gate at the top of the screen.

The next platform will have a wide ditch full of Munchers and a Chargin' Chuck. Mario must hit the P Switch to turn the Coins into Blocks, which Mario can use to cross the ditch. Afterwards, Mario has to jump up the sloped platforms, obtaining the second Dragon Coin along the way, and land on another hilly platform at the top of the screen. As Mario runs down the hill, he will find a Dino Rhino and Dino-Torch, a Flying ? Block containing a power-up, and another hilly platform. Mario must jump from this platform to the next, obtaining the third Dragon Coin along the way. This platform has a ? Block containing a Yoshi Egg, spawning a Yoshi for Mario to ride. Mario must jump over the two Warp Pipes, both of which have a Jumping Piranha Plant, and jump across the bottomless pit (or walk, if Mario has activated blue ! Blocks). Above the bottomless pit, there is a ? Block containing a power-up and the fourth Dragon Coin above the block. There will be a Dino Rhino and three pipes that Mario must use to jump over the bottomless pits. Between the second and third Warp Pipes, there will be a set of red ! Blocks, if Mario has activated them, over the bottomless pit. After these three Warp Pipe, Mario will find a white Warp Pipe that allows access to a Cannon Pipe, which shoots Mario across the rest of the level. The fifth and final Dragon Coin is found above a springboard at the edge of the final platform. Mario can use this springboard to jump to the top of the Giant Gate.

Alternate Area[edit]

Mario must traverse the level up to the part with the three blue Warp Pipes near the end of the level. Mario must go through the second Warp Pipe, which will take Mario to a shallow water area. Here, Mario will start on a mushroom platform and a Rotating Block containing a 1-Up Mushroom. Dolphins and Porcupuffers make their reappearance here, and the Dolphins are needed as platforms to traverse the Porcupuffer-infested water. At the end of the water area, there will be another mushroom platform and a Warp Pipe, which Mario must use to exit the area.


In Fall[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョコレーとう コース1
Chokorē-tō Kōsu 1
A portmanteau between 「チョコレート」 chokorēto (chocolate) and 「島」 -tō (Island, as used in names); effectively "Chocolate Island Course 1".
Spanish Isla de Chocolate 1 Chocolate Island 1
French Île Chocolat 1 Chocolate Island 1
German Schoko-Insel 1 Choco Island 1