Star World 2

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Star World 2
Star World 2 from Super Mario World.
Mario holding a baby Blue Yoshi and killing Blurps while being under the effect of a Super Star
Level code 8-2
World Star World
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Star World 2 is the second Star World level in the game Super Mario World accessible by the Vanilla Dome Star Road. This level takes place under water with large amounts of Rip Van Fish and Blurps. It also features a rare blue-colored Baby Yoshi.


Star World 2 consists of one underwater area, and a short open screen with the level goal which the Player has 300 seconds on the Timer to complete. The player comes out of the Warp Pipe at the start of the level, next to a Super Star and a blue Yoshi Egg. As with all Star World levels, there are two ways to complete the level.

Normal exit[edit]

At the start, the player can either grab the star, or feed it to the blue-colored Baby Yoshi. If the Baby Yoshi eats the star, the Yoshi will grow up. If Mario or Luigi gets it, they will turn invincible. If the player feeds Yoshi the star, they can swim up to the top of the level. Once at the top of the level, the player can keep hitting the swim button and bypass all the enemies. Nothing important is on the bottom, however if the player is invincible, they can get another star by hitting the ? Block. Otherwise the ? Block will contain a coin instead. Once the player reaches the end of the water area, the player should drop down and enter the Warp Pipe which leads to a Giant Gate.

Keyhole exit[edit]

The way to get to the Key and Keyhole is almost the same as the way to get to the Giant Gate, but instead of entering the Warp Pipe, the player should swim under it and keep going until the keyhole and key are visible. The player should be careful not to swim under the warp pipe too low as that will result in loss of a life. Beating the level this way will allow access to Star World 3, and to the Star Road that warps the player to the Twin Bridges (though the player will not be able to go anywhere if they have not yet unlocked the secret exit in Cheese Bridge Area and subsequently cleared Soda Lake). It slightly changes in the Game Boy Advance remake.


Sprite Name Count
A Blurp from Super Mario World Blurp 20
Sprite of a Rip Van Fish from Super Mario World Rip Van Fish 17

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネイティブスター コース2
Neitibu Sutā Kōsu 2
Native Star Course 2
French Monde etoile 2 Star world 2
German Sternenwelt 2 Star World 2
Italian Via Stella 2 Star Road 2
Spanish Camino Estelar 2 Star Road 2