Donut Plains 4

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Donut Plains 4
The level Donut Plains 4 in Super Mario World.
Mario flying while progressing through the level
Level code 2-4
World Donut Plains
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Donut Plains 4 is the last level of the Donut Plains in Super Mario World, just before #2 Morton's Castle. Since this stage is out in the open, it is a suitable place for the Koopa Troop's aerial force to attack. Therefore, Mario or Luigi meets the airborne counterpart of the Hammer Brother, known as the Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother, as well as Para-Goombas and Flying Goombas for the first time. The level has a grassland theme and mountains in the background.


This level consists of one long screen, which the player has 300 seconds on the Timer to complete.

There are two secret areas in this level; both can be reached using blue Warp Pipes. To get to the first secret area, the player must enter the blue pipe located near the beginning of the stage, avoiding the Jumping Piranha Plant. It leads him to a small area with two Koopa Paratroopas; the player must then jump on green pipes to cross the pit and reach another pipe to exit the area.

The second secret area is located farther in the level. Once again, the player must enter a blue pipe to reach a tiny underground area. In the small cave, the player can collect coins as well as a Dragon Coin.

The Giant Gate at the end of Donut Plains 4 can be found beyond a large pit. The only way to reach it is to knock down the nearby Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother, then jump onto his flying platform. The player can also fly over there by using a Blue Shell or simply a Cape.

A Roulette Block and a 3-Up Moon can be found in this level as well.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドーナツへいや コース4
Dōnatsu Heiya Kōsu 4
Doughnut Plains Course 4
Chinese 甜圈平原4
Tiánquānpíngyuán 4
Donut Plains 4
French Plaine Beignet 4 Donut Plain 4
German Donut-Ebene 4 Donut Plain 4
Italian Pianura Ciambella 4 Donut Plains 4
Spanish Llanura del Donut 4 Donut Plain 4