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Eveline Novakovic
Eveline Novakovic in 2015.
Born 1969
Super Mario–related role(s) Composer and voice actress

Eveline Novakovic (pronounced [nɔˈʋaːkɔʋitʃ]) (née Fischer and credited as such in her Super Mario-relevant works) is a British video game music composer and sound engineer formerly employed by Rareware. Hired by Rare in 1993,[1] her first work was composing part of the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack, contributing seven tracks to the game. In composing her tracks for Donkey Kong Country, Novakovic sought to give the game's level "a sense of place and momentum"[1] and drew inspiration from the soundtrack of feature films, including the work of composers such as Alan Silvestri.[1]

As David Wise was already busy on the ultimately-unreleased Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Project Dream, Novakovic was called on to compose the majority of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, which wound up being replaced in the game's Game Boy Advance port due to difficulties converting it to the system's sound chip.[1][2] As she was aware of the success of previous installments in the series and the popularity and iconic nature of David Wise's music, Novakovic decided to rethink her approach to composition. To that end, she settled on the theme of "[wanting to have] the player to feel that both the music and sound were working in tandem" and introduce more musical genres to the soundtrack.[1] She would also work on converting her own compositions to the Game Boy's sound chip for the game's handheld counterpart Donkey Kong Land III, a process which proved to be more challenging than previous Donkey Kong Land games due to the greater complexity of the soundtrack.[1]

Beside composing, Novakovic also portrayed Pipsy in Diddy Kong Racing, Tiny Kong in Donkey Kong 64, and Dixie Kong in the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2 and Donkey Kong Country 3. The latter two roles were eventually taken over by Kahoru Sasajima. In addition to her work in the Donkey Kong series, she has contributed to other Rareware productions, such as voicing Joanna Dark, the protagonist of Perfect Dark.

In 2007, she left Rare and retired from the video game industry, citing long hours and having recently become a mother among other reasons.[1]


Song credits[edit]

Donkey Kong Country[edit]

  • Simian Segue — Composition/arrangement[4]
  • Candy's Love Song — Composition/arrangement[4]
  • Voices of the Temple — Composition/arrangement[4]
  • Forest Frenzy — Composition/arrangement[4]
  • Treetop Rock — Composition/arrangement[4]
  • Northern Hemispheres — Composition/arrangement[4]
  • Ice Cave Chant — Composition/arrangement[4]

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble![edit]

  • Fanfare — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Northern Kremisphere — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Hangin' at Funky's — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Sub-Map Shuffle — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Swanky's Sideshow — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Cranky's Showdown — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Showdown Win — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Showdown Lose — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Stilt Village — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Mill Fever — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Jangle Bells — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Frosty Frolics — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Treetop Tumble — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Enchanted Riverbank — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Hot Pursuit — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Water World — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Cascade Capers — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Nuts and Bolts — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Pokey Pipes — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Rockface Rumble — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Jungle Jitter — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Cavern Caprice — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Rocket Run — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Boss Boogie — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Crystal Chasm — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Krematoa Koncerto — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Big Boss Blues — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Mama Bird — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Chase — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Baddies on Parade — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Game Over — Composition/arrangement[5]

Donkey Kong Land III[edit]

  • Dixie Beat — Arrangement
  • Crazy Calypso — Arrangement
  • Northern Kremisphere — Composition/arrangement
  • Stilt Village — Composition/arrangement
  • Water World — Composition/arrangement
  • Wrinkly's Save Cave — Arrangement
  • Mill Fever — Composition/arrangement
  • Brothers Bear — Arrangement
  • Enchanted Riverbank — Composition/arrangement
  • Treetop Tumble — Composition/arrangement
  • Hot Pursuit — Composition/arrangement
  • Cascade Capers — Composition/arrangement
  • Rockface Rumble — Composition/arrangement
  • Jungle Jitter — Composition/arrangement
  • Nuts and Bolts — Composition/arrangement
  • Cavern Caprice — Composition/arrangement
  • Bonus Time — Arrangement
  • Bonus Win — Arrangement
  • Bonus Lose — Arrangement
  • Big Boss Blues — Composition/arrangement
  • Baddies on Parade — Composition/arrangement
  • Game Over — Composition/arrangement