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“I love Rosalina's backstory--how she is such a powerful character, but also has a lot of kindness and a motherly side towards the Lumas.”
Laura Faye Smith
Laura Faye Smith
Laura Faye Smith
Born May 10[1]
Super Mario–related role(s) Current voice actress for Rosalina and Baby Rosalina

Laura Faye Smith is the current voice actress for Rosalina and Baby Rosalina. She has been portraying Rosalina since Super Mario 3D World, and Baby Rosalina since her debut in Mario Kart 8. In some games, however, work from Kerri Kane, Rosalina's previous voice actress, was reused. In some games, such as Mario Party 10 and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, where she did the voice work for Rosalina, Kerri Kane's name had been in the credits, miscredited as "Kerry Kane". She currently lives in Los Angeles, California and married on August 7, 2005.[2]


Smith was born in San Jose, California and moved to Oregon when she was young. As a child, she enjoyed playing Super Mario World, which got her into the Super Mario franchise. Later on, when she was doing theater work, Smith constantly played WarioWare: Touched! and Mario Kart: Super Circuit with her coworkers.[3]

Before getting into the theater industry, Smith had tried to do voiceover work but didn't find enough opportunities. She was then contacted by In Both Ears, the same agency that Rosalina's original voice actor, Mercedes Rose, is represented by, who got her the audition for Rosalina. In a 2016 interview,[3] Smith stated the audition was relaxed and fun and that Nintendo made her feel very comfortable. Rosalina's backstory particularly attracted Smith, who liked her being a powerful character and at the same time being kind and motherly towards the Lumas. Smith also recognized Rosalina's personality to be strongly shaped by her mother's death, which has made her strong and caring. She mentioned Rosalina's grounded nature as being similar to herself.

Smith has cited her voicing of Rosalina as being one of the most fun jobs she has ever had. Smith has also voiced the male Kana in Fire Emblem Fates as well as multiple other characters for Mad Head Games.


* - While Rosalina is voiced by Laura Faye Smith in 4 of the 5 sports in Mario Sports Superstars, Kerri Kane's voice is still used for Rosalina during Golf.[4] In a similar fashion, Kane's voice clips are reused in Mario Tennis Aces, but are mixed with previous recordings made by Laura Faye Smith for Mario Kart 8.

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