Hiroshi Sato

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Hiroshi Sato
Hiroshi Sato.jpg
Hiroshi Sato as seen in the Iwata Asks for Wii Party
Occupation at Nintendo Producer, Manager

Hiroshi Sato is a Japanese video game developer and producer employed by Nintendo.

Sato currently works as the head of Nintendo SPD No. 4 alongside Toshiharu Izuno, a division of Nintendo focused on assisting and overseeing co-productions with outside developers, including the Mario Party series with Hudson Soft (1998 - 2007) and Nd Cube (2012 - present), the Mario & Luigi series with AlphaDream, the Mario Tennis and Mario Golf series with Camelot, and most Mario sports-themed games with Sega, Bandai Namco Games and Square Enix. With the Nintendo EPD structure, his current role at Nintendo is unknown.

List of games[edit]