Thomas Spindler

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Thomas Spindler
Occupation at Nintendo Voice of Wario and Thwomps.

Thomas Spindler is a former Nintendo of Europe employee of German nationality involved with translation work. Additionally, he was the voice of Wario and the Thwomps in the Japanese version of Mario Kart 64 (the latter using a slowed down version of the former's 'laugh' voice sample). His voice clips for Wario were reused for both Mario Party and Mario Party 2 (albeit pitched down) and Mario Kart: Super Circuit.




  • Due to him being German and his voice clips being pitched down for his appearances in the Mario Party series, players usually heard "D'oh I missed" as one of Wario's expressions. It was confirmed to actually be "So ein Mist" by Spindler himself in a YouTube comment.[1]