Kevin Afghani

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Kevin Afghani
Kevin Afghani
Full name Kevin Zachary Afghani
Born November 9, 1996 (age 27)
Super Mario–related role(s) Voice actor for Mario, Luigi, and Wario (2023 – present)

Kevin Zachary Afghani (born November 9, 1996)[1][2] is an American voice actor based in Los Angeles. He is known for voicing Raditz in Dragon Ball R&R, a fan-produced Dragon Ball series, and Arnold in Genshin Impact.

On October 13, 2023, Afghani revealed that he had succeeded Charles Martinet as the voice actor for Mario and Luigi, starting in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.[3][4] He would later be confirmed as the new voice for Wario starting in WarioWare: Move It!.[5][6] Prior to being cast as the Mario Bros. and Wario, Afghani provided narration for some North American Nintendo Switch commercials,[7] as well as serving as the English-language announcer heard in North American and European/Oceanian Nintendo Direct presentations from April 2017 up until February 2022. Additionally, Afghani himself is a huge fan of the Super Mario franchise.[8]



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