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Dayvv E. Brooks (formerly spelled "Dayv Brooks"[1]) is a former employee of Nintendo of America.[2] His most notable contribution to the Super Mario franchise was naming the Koopalings as part of his job of smoothing out rough Japanese-to-English translations during the localization of Super Mario Bros. 3.[3] He currently lives in Missouri where he works as an internet marketing specialist for Bass Pro Shops.[2]


Dayvv Brooks was a fan of Nintendo long before becoming an employee. After seeing an advertisement in a newspaper, Brooks applied for a job as a gameplay counselor, himself having previously called the tip line for assistance with a difficult NES game. He enjoyed and excelled at the game, dropping out of college and advancing in the company, first as a gameplay counselor manager and then participating in some marketing projects. He eventually joined the R&D department as a product analyst, with one of his early tasks being to help localize games by improving the writing quality of basic Japanese-to-English translations.[3] Two such games were Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, with Brooks providing the English names for all of the games' characters, among other things.[1] Before coming to Nintendo, Brooks worked at Tower Records and had experience DJing, and drawing on this love of music, he named most of the Koopalings[3][4] and Reznor[5] after musicians. Brooks worked at Nintendo from 1988 to 1993,[1] and has been an internet marketing specialist at Bass Pro Shops since 1999.[2][3]

Games credited[edit]

Credited as "Dayv Brooks" in all cases.


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