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David S. J. Hodgson
David S. J. Hodgson
Super Mario–related role(s) An author for many official strategy guides
“I can't show you the writings I've done for Maxim.com and Gamespy, because those sites aren't there anymore. Stuff disappears when you're on the net. But this Akuji the Heartless strategy guide on paper, or in fact the Fallout 3 strategy guide — that's in the Library of Congress. So even after the bombs drop and we're in the future apocalypse, you can go to the bunker down below the Library of Congress — or even now, if you'd like to do it properly — [and] you can search my books out. I think I'm the only person who will ever do that, but there's a nice archaic nature to strategy guides that I enjoy. I can write about something that's cutting edge, like Fallout 4, but I can publish it using 16th century technology.”
David S. J. Hodgson[1]

David S. J. Hodgson (also credited as David S J Hodgson) is an author of many strategy guides, working under Prima Games to write several guides based on Super Mario games.


David Hodgson was born in the United Kingdom[2]. He wrote articles for several British magazines, including Official Nintendo Magazine, he immigrated to the United States and began working for GameFly, writing unofficial guides for several games, including Super Mario 64[1]. Afterwards, he worked with various other publication companies before he eventually found a permanent job at Prima Games in 2000 (he got his first job for them after sending in the Metal Gear Solid guide he wrote with Millennium Publications, and he was subsequentely asked to cover Armored Core). He has since written dozens of guides for Prima. He now lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and "an eight-foot statue of Great Cthulhu"[2].

Hodgson has also written several guides relating to the Super Mario franchise: these includes strategy guides based on Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Super Mario Bros. 3: Super Mario Advance 4, Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Advance, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Party 3 (with Bryan Stratton), Luigi's Mansion (again with Bryan Stratton), and Super Mario Sunshine (with Bryan Stratton and Steve Stratton).


“Figure out the worst parts of being a tester, and the worst parts of being a writer, and combine them with the worst parts of a deadline. Bake that for a few years, read the Amazon.com reviews, and then lose the will to live.”
David S. J. Hodgson[3]
“If you're a developer you only see your game for three years. If you're a journalist, you see lots of different games, and you see them early, but you only see them for half an hour. I'm in the unique position in that I see a multitude of games, for a huge amount of time before they're released, and that's cool.”
David S. J. Hodgson[3]

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