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Gregg Mayles
Gregg Mayles.
Born 1971
Super Mario–related role(s) Game designer, Creative Director

Gregg Mayles is a British video game designer employed by Rare, and the brother of Steve Mayles. He is credited as a designer for several of the company's games, such as the arcade Battletoads, Viva Piñata and the Banjo-Kazooie series.

Mayles was the designer of Donkey Kong Country, deciding on elements like having a sparse HUD, designing the levels to allow a skilled a player to navigate smoothly without interruption and the presence of a "buddy" character to allow the player to take more than one hit.[1] He cites Super Mario Bros. 3 as a chief inspiration for Donkey Kong Country.[2] He also was the designer for Donkey Kong Country 2, which he believes to be superior to its predecessor.[3] Gregg Mayles was not directly involved in Donkey Kong Country 3, as he was working on Dream: Land of Giants (which later became Banjo-Kazooie) at the time.[citation needed] In addition, Mayles also designed the final battle with King K. Rool on Donkey Kong 64.[4]

Gregg Mayles is also known for his tweets regarding development and conceptual information of games he has worked on. This includes both Donkey Kong Country and its sequel Donkey Kong Country 2, where he would respectively use the hashtags #DKCrevealed, and #DKC2is20 in commemoration of each game's twentieth anniversary.

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