Gregg Mayles

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Gregg Mayles
Born 1971
Occupation at Rare Game designer, Creative Director

Gregg Mayles is a British video game designer employed by Rareware, and the brother of Steve Mayles. He is credited as a designer for several of the company's games, such as the arcade Battletoads, Viva Piñata and the Banjo-Kazooie series.

Mayles was the designer of Donkey Kong Country, deciding on elements like having a sparse HUD, designing the levels to allow a skilled a player to navigate smoothly without interruption and the presence of a "buddy" character to allow the player to take more than one hit.[1] He cites Super Mario Bros. 3 as a chief inspiration for Donkey Kong Country.[2] He also stated that he considers Donkey Kong Country 2 to be superior to its predecessor.[3]

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  3. ^ In "The Making of Donkey Kong Country", Gregg Mayles is quoted as saying: "My personal opinion is that DKC2 was a better game than DKC as we tried to incorporate more of the intricacies that made Mario so compelling but at the same time retaining our desire for fast, fun gameplay."