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Artwork of Bird from Mobile Golf
Species Human
First appearance Mobile Golf (2001)

Bird is an elite male golfer from Ireland[1] in Mobile Golf. He is the champion of the fourth tournament that one must defeat in singles. Along with Bean, Rozary and Powert, he is one of the four human golfers the player must face in four singles tournaments, similar to the fashion of Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color. His Mario Golf counterpart is Gene.


  • Camelot website: アイルランド出身。国内では敵なしという、スーパープレイヤー。彼のショットはまさに空を飛ぶ鳥のよう。[2] (Born in Ireland. He is a super player who is unbeatable in Japan. His shot is just like a bird in the sky.)
  • Nintendo website: アイルランド国内では敵なしのスーパープレイヤーです。彼の持ち味はシャープで切れ味の良いプレイです。[3] (He is a super player who is unbeatable in Ireland. His signature is sharp and incisive play.)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バード