The Artist

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"The Artist"
The Artist.jpg
Production number 141
Airdate October 31, 1989
Guest star(s) Larry Gelman
Cartoon episode "The Ten Koopmandments"
Zelda preview "Hitch in the Works"
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"The Artist" is the forty-second live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated segment is "The Ten Koopmandments."

Plot synopsis[edit]

The segment starts with Luigi painting a picture and Mario grabbing various bags of Italian food out of the refrigerator. When the phones starts ringing, Mario drops the food and heads over to the phone. He gets a call from someone saying that Luigi had won an art contest and that he drew the best Tippy Turtle ever, in which a famous artist is coming over to the Mario Brothers Plumbing to teach him art lessons and that he wants to meet him in person. Luigi, upon hearing this, was excited to hear about the artist's arrival, and was not prepared for the occasion. The Mario Bros. then get themselves prepared for the artist's visit.

As Mario washes his hands, Luigi walks around anxiously about his best Tippy Turtle picture. When the door rings, Luigi runs over to it, and meets the artist, who introduces himself as Vincent Van Gook. Luigi greets Vincent welcome, saying that it is an honor to meet him. Vincent replies back saying that the pleasure is all his. Vincent then notices a smell, assuming it is either intense creativity or old sweat socks. Luigi tells Vincent that he was close enough; it was Mario's meat sauce. Luigi then asks Vincent if he could give him a seat. Vincent replies saying he "never sits when he works", but is however tired. Vincent then tells Luigi to get him a chair. As Luigi gives him a chair, Vincent sets up his easel and gives Luigi some quick and rather odd art lessons, such as to not poke a sharp pencil at his ear and to wait three hours before he can go swimming after lunch. Afterwards, Mario clumsily drops some pasta in the ground, causing Vincent to think Mario's pasta he dropped was a masterpiece and that he was truly an artiste for his minor accident.

Mario tells Vincent that art is like "a big hairball caught in a drain." Vincent reassured that Mario's phrase was disgusting but rather well-put. Luigi, confused, tells Vincent that he was the one who drew the best Tippy Turtle he ever saw. Vincent tells Luigi yes, and that his art lessons will be taught by his brother from the moment onward. Mario gives out his first art lesson, saying that art "should not only look good, but it should taste good" as he grabs a piece of popcorn off the picture and eats it. Luigi chastises Mario saying that he never had art skills in the first place. Mario replies to Luigi, claiming that Vincent has "woken up his hidden talent." Luigi, annoyed, insults Mario that Vincent did not wake up his hidden brain. Luigi then shows Vincent a picture of a pizza and an orange. Vincent tells Luigi that it was very interesting, although it lacks professional quality taught by Mario's work, in which he agrees to this in return. Luigi tells him, "Who asked you?" and leaves. Vincent tells Mario his art lessons could cost him money for his art lessons. Mario agrees to Vincent's response, asking him how much. Vincent replies saying that his art lessons are worth $1,500, but only for the week. Before Mario can react, Luigi, who was looking at the newspaper, tells his brother that Vincent is actually a conman trying to steal their money. Vincent, upon hearing this, starts wigging out, saying that art lessons are over for the day and that he has to "head over to Mrs. Poncherelli's house to finish her back porch" and starts to leave the apartment. Mario tries to get to Vincent's attention, but to no avail. He then claims that art in general changes so fast. Luigi comforts Mario telling him that he never liked Vincent anyway. Mario apologizes to Luigi for thinking that he knew what he was doing. Luigi forgives Mario, telling him that he learned one thing: "Art should not only look good, but it should look good on you." Luigi then puts the food-filled painting right on Mario's head and laughs at him, as he finishes that art "should taste good, too."

When the Mario Brothers bid farewell and tell the viewers to "Do the Mario," Vincent is seen with them in handcuffs, indicating that he has been arrested for his crimes.