Captain Lou Is Missing

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Captain Lou Is Missing"
Captain Lou Is Missing
Production number 113
Airdate October 11, 1989 (version 1)
November 30, 1989 (version 2)
Guest star(s) Cyndi Lauper
Title reference None
Cartoon episode "Mario and Joliet" (version 1)[1]
"Robo Koopa" (version 2)[1]
Zelda preview "That Sinking Feeling" (version 1)
"The Moblins are Revolting" (version 2)
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"Captain Lou Is Missing" is the sixty-fourth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Mario and Joliet" in original airings of episode 23 and "Robo Koopa" in episode 52.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Mario and Luigi are listening to the song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" on the radio at Mario Brothers Plumbing, when the song is interrupted by an announcer. The announcer claims that according to singer Cyndi Lauper, Lou Albano has gone missing. Mario cannot believe what he is hearing, and neither can Luigi, who reassures Mario, since Captain Lou is his hero and role model, that he will be found soon. Mario hopes that Luigi is right, because he is certain that Captain Lou was the nicest guy in the world.

Just then, the doorbell rings, and Mario tells the visitor to come in. The visitor turns out to be Cyndi Lauper, who had been passing out fliers about Captain Lou to people around Brooklyn. Cyndi tells Mario and Luigi that she was supposed to have gone on a picnic lunch with Captain Lou, but that all she found were rubber bands for his beard, and a note that reads "Dear Cyndi, I'm sorry I'm not here, but I've gone for good".

Some time later, Mario, Luigi and Cyndi have organized a world-wide search party for Captain Lou at Mario Brothers Plumbing, with several other volunteers, including Edison. Cyndi reads the group a note from officials in Moscow, stating that Comrade Louski is not there, and that they have requested for more 8-track tapes. Mario offers to send his Jim Nabors tapes, but Luigi tells Cyndi that the Moscow officials were the last members of the Lou search teams. Cyndi claims that they have to keep searching for Captain Lou, no matter how grim things may get. The team applauds Cyndi for her speech, but Cyndi then receives a message from the President. Reading the message aloud, Cyndi says that the President has called off Operation Lou Search, and has decreed Captain Lou missing forever.

Afterwards, the Lou search team has disbanded, leaving only Mario, Luigi and Cyndi. Mario and Luigi try to cheer Cyndi up, and Mario reminds her that she at least had the chance to know Captain Lou, wishing that he himself could at least met him. Wanting more pizza, Mario tells her that the ones they had were all eaten by the search team, and offers to go out and pick up some more. Cyndi thanks Mario, telling him that he is as nice as Captain Lou.

Some time later, the doorbell rings, and Luigi tells the visitor to come in. Captain Lou himself enters the basement carrying a bucket of fried chicken, much to Luigi and Cyndi's surprise. Cyndi asks Captain Lou where he has been, and she shows him his note. Upon hearing Cyndi read his message, Captain Lou realizes that there was a mistake because he tore the note off wrong. Captain Lou claims that the last part of his note should have read "I've gone for good fried chicken. Back in an hour."

Captain Lou says that he was tired of waiting for Cyndi at his house, so he followed the fliers she had put up on telephone poles, which led him to Mario Brothers Plumbing. Cyndi introduces Luigi to Captain Lou, and the two shake hands. Captain Lou and Cyndi then get ready to leave before it gets too late. Cyndi thanks Luigi for all their help, and asks him to say goodbye to Mario for her. As Captain Lou and Cyndi leave, Luigi comments that Mario will not believe he missed his chance to meet Captain Lou.