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Title of Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō

Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō (下町人情劇場, literally Lower City Empathy Theater; also more commonly known as "Lily Franky Theater") is an official Nintendo-produced "virtual magazine" for the Super Famicom's Satellaview peripheral. In the magazine, many vulgar instances can be noted, from smoking and oral sex, to Mario killing Princess Peach and Toad. The ROM for this magazine is currently lost, and its whereabouts are unknown. There were six episodes in the entire series. So far, only footage of the November 10, 1995 broadcast[1], November 17, 1995 broadcast[2], February 20, 1996 broadcast[3], March 30, 1996 broadcast[4], and the sixth episode are known to exist.[5]


November 10, 1995[edit]

In this broadcast, Mario and a 15 year old Toad are in jail for a stay of about 20 years. Toad is nervous about staying for 20 years since they'll be 35 by their 2015 release. Mario decides to break out of prison, with a spoon hidden up his rear end, so it smells like feces. The problem is the floor is concrete, so Mario tells Toad to dig the concrete with his hands. The recorded broadcast ends here, but the plot is continued in the next broadcast.

The radio hosts during the intro also announce the release of Romancing SaGa 3.

November 17, 1995[edit]

This broadcast was a sequel to the November 10, 1995 broadcast. Mario pulls a drill from his scrotum, and breaks through the concrete with the drill. Toad gets worried because they are taking a long time to dig outside of jail. Mario explains that he will keep digging until they reach daylight. As they eventually make it outside of the jail, they find out they have ended up in Brazil. Toad is worried because he doesn't know anything about Brazil, but Mario is happy to put his feet up. The recorded broadcast ends here.

February 20, 1996[edit]

“Indeed, I am the richest person in the world, Bill Gates!”
Bill Gates, Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō

In this broadcast, Mario and Toad are having an argument over who should be first to ride the Windows 95 (which they believe to be a vehicle). Bill Gates then makes an entrance. Toad says that Bill Gates is a "beer company poster girl", a joke of the very similar writing of "beer" and "bill" in Japanese writing. Gates informs Toad he is wrong. Mario then recognizes the man to be Bill Gates and him and Toad ask him for money. Bill Gates states at him blankly, but then informs them that the Windows 95 is not a vehicle, but something to put on your head. Mario and Toad insult him, telling him he is an idiot. The broadcast ends here.

March 30, 1996[edit]

This broadcast was entirely hand drawn, in a vague, abstract style. It stars a man, which based on his appearance is presumably supposed to be Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō. The man picks up a game controller, and starts controlling Mario. Then the man travels to the depths of hell abruptly. Finally, we see the man having sex with a lobster. The broadcast ends here.

Fifth broadcast[edit]

This broadcast has not been found yet, but still may be on the internet. The release date for this broadcast still has not even been found.

Sixth broadcast[edit]

As of now, the release date for this broadcast has not been found yet, but is considered by many to be the most offensive broadcast.

The broadcast starts with a backstory.

"In a low-lying part of a heartwarming city, Mario works as a plumber.
One day, an employee from another shop announces they have been made Mario's wife.
Due to the shock of the townspeople, Mario hides himself away from public."

The story begins with Peach and Toad sitting together, wondering where Mario went. Toad says he wonders where the boss is, and Peach exclaims that he is a good-for-nothing jerk. The next scene shows Toad convincing Peach to engage in oral sex, and Peach agrees. Then, Mario suddenly appears, and Peach and Toad jump back in shock, and Toad says to Mario that he was so worried about him. But in his rage, Mario jumps up and kills Toad, squishing him. Peach says, "Darling, give me a break already— my heart was yearning for you. Mario is still completely outraged, so he crouches, jumps up and kills Peach, leaving them both for dead. Mario then pulls out a cigarette, and says he just got a new girlfriend. The ghosts of Peach and Toad fly in, exclaiming they are very surprised. And Mario's new girlfriend is none other then Bowser. Toad and Peach are very shocked at this. The broadcast ends here.


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