King Croacus III

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A portrait of King Croacus III

King Croacus III was the third ruler of the Floro Sapiens from Super Paper Mario. At age 1, he became the youngest king in Flora history after his mother wilted. Due to his young age, a regent ruled in his place. He was afflicted with a disease at birth, which made him weak and sickly. He had a great talent for art and poetry, releasing a book of poems called Ice Rose, at age 37. He wilted at age 88 for unknown reasons, but some suspected a conspiracy. He ruled from the Flora Calendar's years 1298 to 1385, the shortest rule of any Floro Sapien king. Due to his early death, he did not change the Flora Kingdom much. His regent succeeded him as the ruler of the Floro Sapiens, as King Croacus IV.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キング・ハナーン3世
Kingu Hanān San-sei
King Croacus the 3rd
French Roi Crocus III
German König Krokus, der Dritte / Krokus III
Italian Re Cardo III
Spanish Rey Marchitus III / Marchitus III