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The Heroes of Light are four legendary beings told of in the Light Prognosticus to save the universe from the Chaos Heart. To accomplish this task, the Heroes must recover the Pure Hearts. The Heroes of Light are the main characters in Super Paper Mario:
  • Mario - Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is the most important of the Heroes of Light. Mario is the legendary hero foretold in the Light Prognosticus. He is the one who must find the Pure Hearts and save the universe. Mario's main technique used is flipping, which is granted upon him by the great flip wizard Bestovius. Flipping is done by pressing A Button.
Peach 3 SPM.png
  • Princess Peach - Leader of the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach is the second Hero of Light. She and Bowser were the ones who released the Chaos Heart. After she narrowly escapes being brainwashed by Nastasia and is found on the third floor of Flipside, the player can revive her with some Spicy Soup and obtain her as a character. Her main abilities are floating with her parasol and ducking to make her invulnerable to most attacks.
  • Bowser - Supreme Leader of the Koopa Troop. Bowser is the third Hero of Light. He and Peach were the ones who released the Chaos Heart. After he is fought and beaten in The Bitlands, Peach convinces him to join their quest to find the Pure Hearts, and he is now usable as a character. Not only does he do double damage to enemies, he can also breathe fire to defeat enemies from a certain distance away. This is done by pressing +Control Pad down.
Paper Luigi Jump.png
  • Luigi - Younger brother of Mario. Luigi is the fourth Hero of Light. After the three heroes defeat his brainwashed counterpart, Mr. L, Dimentio appears and he [Mr. L] exclaims that he cannot show his face to the count. Dimentio, using this as an opportunity to continue his plans, takes this literally and temporarily ends his game, being reverted into Luigi in the process. The rest of the Heroes of Light are also temporarily game overed and separated. Mario, after he takes on his quest to find the missing Nimbi in The Underwhere, finds his younger brother on a cliff and he is now a usable character. Luigi frequently uses his super jump to get to high places and do double damage to enemies. On a side note, he is the only Hero of Light that can determine which prophecy is true, and is often referred to as the "man in green." He Super Jumps by holding and releasing +Control Pad down.