Orb (Super Paper Mario)

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The Orbs in Super Paper Mario are a set of key items needed to make a bridge leading to Grambi's Castle. These orbs are elliptical in shape, and there are three of them: the Red Orb, Blue Orb, and Yellow Orb. They are obtained in Chapter 7-4 and after placing them all on a glowing pedestal, the bridge is made.

Yellow Orb[edit]

Yellow Orb

The Yellow Orb is held by Yebbi. He is found hiding in a restroom, and when the player talks to him he is worried that it is actually a Skellobit at the door. By telling him that they are a monster, Yebbi states that a monster would never confess their real identity and leaves the restroom. Relieved, Yebbi gives Mario and friends the Yellow Orb.

Blue Orb[edit]

Blue Orb

The Blue Orb is kept by Blubi, whom the player finds frozen. Using Bowser's Fire Breath melts the ice and frees him, but when he wakes up he has amnesia. Mario and co. must speak with him until he comes back to his senses, at which point he gives the player the Blue Orb.

Red Orb[edit]

Red Orb

The Red Orb is held by Rebbi. He is found in Sector Seven, tired as he battles a group of Skellobits and Skellobombers, but when Mario and company arrives he asks for their help. After they are all defeated, Rebbi rewards Mario and friends with the Red Orb.