Inga's Inn

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Inga's Inn as seen in Super Paper Mario

Inga's Inn is an inn owned by Inga and located in Flopside in Super Paper Mario. It is the Flopside equivalent of Tinga's Inn from Flipside. Inga's Inn works like a Toad House from the past Paper Mario games, in that it completely restores Mario and his allies' health.

Inga's Inn is located in the second floor of Flopside; it is next to two elevators (one going to Flopside Tower and the other one going one floor down).

Inga's Inn is special in the fact that she has three different "packages". There's the Mushroom, Flower and Star packages. The packages give the player different items depending on the package. In order to get the breakfast, Mario must flip into 3D and the item will be on the table. The Mushroom package costs ten coins and has a not very valuable item on the table, the Flower package costs twenty coins and has a more valuable item on the table, and the Star package costs forty coins and has an even more valuable item on the table.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Hotel Inga Inga's Hotel