Tinga's Inn

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Tinga's Inn in the game Super Paper Mario.
Mario and Tinga in her inn

Tinga's Inn is an inn owned by Tinga and located in Flipside in Super Paper Mario. The place was originally a mansion owned by Tinga's family which she inherited. In time, she did some remodeling and has operated as an inn ever since. Tinga's Inn works like a Toad House from the past Paper Mario games, in that it completely restores Mario and his allies' health.

Tinga's Inn is next to two elevators (one going to Flipside Tower and the other one going one floor down). Tinga's Inn is located in the second floor of Flipside. Its Flopside equivalent is Inga's Inn.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Hotel de Tinga Tinga's Hotel