The Overthere (bar)

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This article is about a Flopside coffee bar in the game Super Paper Mario. For the world featured in the same game, see The Overthere.
The Overthere

The Overthere is a coffee bar (described in-game as a "beveragarium") found on the first basement floor of Flopside, in the game Super Paper Mario. It is much like The Underwhere bar, found in the same place in Flipside, but The Overthere serves coffee while its counterpart serves milk. Both are named after the realms of the dead visited in Super Paper Mario, The Overthere and The Underwhere. The bar's owner is Carson, who tells amusing stories concerning subjects of the game for ten coins, as does the owner of the other bar, Garson.

Like at The Underwhere bar, Mario can go through the back wall via flipping; however, instead of a Warp Pipe, there are two chests. The first one contains the Golden Card, an item required to play a secret mini-game in the Flipside Arcade. The second chest contains a Cooking Disk.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカイランド
Sukai Rando
The Overthere