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Sweet Smiles is a restaurant found in Flipside in Super Paper Mario. It is run by Saffron, and is located on the first floor of Flipside, to the right of Walter and Gladys's house. The Flopside equivalent of Sweet Smiles is Hot Fraun.

Mario first comes to Sweet Smiles after Princess Peach falls from the sky and lands on the third floor of Flipside. Mario provides Saffron with a Fire Burst so she can make Spicy Soup, which wakes Peach up. After this, the player can obtain any of Saffron's dishes by providing Saffron with a single ingredient for each dish. Sweet Smiles features a Dining Specializer to the left of Saffron, where the player can view recipes and their ingredients.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スマイル

French Rires et délices
Laughs and delights
German Süßen Verführung
Sweet Temptation
Italian Dolci sorrisi
Sweet smiles
Korean 스마일

Spanish Sabrosura