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The Dining Specializer as it appears in-game.
“That's the Dining Specializer! It gives ingredient lists for your favorite recipes. You can even use it to get information on where to find elusive ingredients. I don't think it's loaded with all the recipes yet, though... Fortunately, it will update anytime you bring it new recipe data, sugar! You should find some cooking data somewhere and put it in there!”
Saffron, Super Paper Mario

A Dining Specializer is a Nintendo DS Lite-shaped computer found in Super Paper Mario. Its name itself can be abbreviated as "DS" and its top screen says "Intellido IS" and is designed like the logos of both the Intelligent Systems and, once again, the Nintendo DS.

One Dining Specializer is found in Saffron's restaurant in Flipside, while the other one is found in Dyllis' restaurant in Flopside. A Dining Specializer serves as a reference for all of the recipes in the game. It also lists where various ingredients that can be used for the recipes are found.

The Dinning Specializer's top screen

The Dining Specializers cannot be used until after Chapter 2 is completed. Once it is, the first page is available for viewing, with more waiting to be unlocked, provided the appropriate Cooking Disks are found.

After uploading the Cooking Disks found throughout the dimensions of Super Paper Mario into a Dining Specializer, Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser and Luigi can use it to browse through many of the different guidelines for recipes. For example, by looking at the Awesome Snack entry, Mario and team can find the following ingredient guide: "Flopside's favorite snack! Fills 5 HP and cures poison. Made with a Cake Mix and a Fresh Veggie."

Although there are technically two Dining Specializers in the game, they are both connected to the same network, meaning that if a Cooking Disk is uploaded onto the Dining Specializer in Saffron's restaurant, its data can also be accessed from the Dining Specializer in Dyllis' restaurant.

List of dishes[edit]

Page 1 (Default)[edit]

Page 2 (Cooking Disk R)[edit]

Page 3 (Cooking Disk W)[edit]

Page 4 (Cooking Disk Y)[edit]

Page 5 (Cooking Disk B)[edit]

Page 6 (Cooking Disk G)[edit]

Page 7 (Cooking Disk PU)[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おりょうりガイド
Oryōri Gaido
Cooking Guide

French Distributeur de Saveurs
Dispenser of Savors
Italian Prepara Cenette
Meals Preparer
Spanish Electro-chef