Queen Croacus II

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A portrait of Queen Croacus II

Queen Croacus II (also known as "The White Maiden") was the queen of all Floro Sapiens (in Super Paper Mario). She was imprisoned by her father for disagreeing with his views, but after his overthrow, was set free and became queen. She was very popular, because she reduced taxes and studied diseases. She also wrote The Flictionarian, a prehistory of the Flora Kingdom. She was worried that if she had many children they would fight for the crown, so she only had one heir a year before she wilted. This having only one child to succeed her was what gave her the nickname "The White Maiden." She ruled from the Flora calendar's years 496 to 1298 (802 Flora years).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キング・ハナーン2世
Kingu Hanān Ni-sei
King Croacus the 2nd
French Reine Crocus II
German Königin Krokus, die Zweite / Krokus II
Italian Cardina II
Spanish Reina Marchitus II / Marchitus II

The White Maiden[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Vierge blanche
German Welt brachte
Italian La rosa candida
Spanish La Dama Blanca