Dr. Sporis von Fungenstein

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“Let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Sporis Von Fungenstein, the greatest scientist in the Mushroom Kingdom and its next ruler.”
Dr. Sporis von Fungenstein, Doors to Doom

Dr. Sporis von Fungenstein is a Goomba who is a mad scientist and the primary antagonist in Doors to Doom. He builds a device that creates doors from one world to another and plans to take over the world (and become indecently rich) by turning the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa clan into mushroom and turtle soup in a chain of fast food restaurants. He supposedly disposes of everyone who could have stopped him except Mario and Luigi, whom he traps in a series of worlds based on some of their earliest game appearances.

In reality, the scientist's name is Professor Von Fungenstein. He works for the Royal Academy of Mushroom Science and is not a villain at all. Every few years, the academy gives out an award for outstanding heroism, bravery, ingenuity, moral character, and overall good looks, and he engineers the adventure to test the Mario Bros.' worthiness to receive it.