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koopa capers 4 recipe

The recipe is an item in Koopa Capers. It is for a potion Wendy O. Koopa is creating. The recipe is found as a crumpled piece of paper in a second hidden room in the Fortress of Bowser's Castle, where Luigi sees the paper below some floating blocks under a big spinning question block with a question mark on one of its faces. He remembers that Mario told him that blocks such as that one are good if they have the question mark on the side opposite the Fire Flower and the Starman opposite the "10." Since the paper might have some hints as to where Wendy is and the question block might contain a useful item, Luigi is unsure whether he should grab the paper or hit the block. The reader must solve a puzzle to figure out if the block is good or not. Solving the puzzle indicates the block is good. If Luigi chooses to grab the paper, he goes quickly beneath the suspended blocks and sees that the paper is directly below a Thwomp Trap, causing him to stop. If he still chooses to get the paper, he sticks his foot out under the Thwomp Trap and quickly pulls it away before the Thwomp Trap hits the ground. When the Thwomp Trap starts to rise, Luigi swiftly grabs the paper and runs past the Thwomp Trap. While still under the blocks, he uncrumples the paper, and several coins fall out. After he pockets them, he reads the paper, which starts with "Recipe for S—" but the rest of the title is smudged. The recipe is a poem. After reading it, Luigi pockets it and continues searching for Wendy. If he changes his mind about getting the paper and hits the question block, 10 coins come out of it. Although he catches most of them, three fall to the ground and roll under the cluster of blocks. If he then chooses to retrieve those coins and grab the scrap of paper, he runs beneath the floating blocks and stops at the middle one to grab the paper. However, as he does so, the Thwomp Trap hurtles toward him and crushes him, leading to a Game Over.

When Luigi eventually finds Wendy stirring a "grorange" (green-and-orange) substance in a black metal pot suspended over a bubbling magma pit in a room in the Magma Pits, he hears her angrily shout at some Koopa creatures to find the sock necessary for her to finish her plan, and she recites the recipe's eighth to tenth lines. Bowser and the other Koopalings enter the room and rebuke Wendy for what she did. Bowser realizes that she copied the recipe for combining her and the other Koopalings' magic wands from his book Reptile Magic and VCR Programming Instructions to make a "super wand" and take charge of his throne, making Luigi understand everything he encountered on his search. As Bowser and the Koopalings look for him, Luigi comes out from behind a pile of Goomba Chow bags and jumps to the top of the pile. As the Koopas surround him, he reaches into his pocket. If he has Boom-Boom's socks, he throws them into the pot and recites the recipe's ninth and tenth lines, and the pot boils over, filling the room with a thick gas that puts the Koopas in a deep sleep. If Luigi does not have the socks, the Koopalings seize him, then Bowser grabs him and drops him into the pot.


Mix one large cup of eye of Thwomp,
With two teaspoons of tail of Chomp.
Add six hairs from Grand Goomba legs,
Season with Ptooey and Spiny Eggs.
Sprinkle with powdered Dry Bones toes,
Add Firesnake scales until it glows.
Simmer in a pool of red hot rocks,
Add just one of Boom-Boom's socks.
Too many socks and turtles will doze,
Until the fragrance leaves their nose.
Add seven wands and you are done.
Now the seven will act as one.