Morel Moxie

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Morel Moxie in Brain Drain
A glass of Morel Moxie

Morel Moxie is a soda in Brain Drain. It is first used in a puzzle that can be solved by the reader, which also involves Fungus Up and Lichen Cola. Starting from the Morel Moxie containing three ounces, the reader must deduce how many ounces of soda are in the Fungus Up (with there being twice as much Lichen Cola as Morel Moxie and three times as much Lichen Cola as Fungus Up). Morel Moxie later makes an appearance at WMUSH. As Iggy Koopa is boasting that Mario can never reach the cure to his Synapse Switcher's mind-swapping, he gestures to a nearby table that holds both Morel Moxie and Fungus Up. Luigi, in the body of a Koopa Troopa, grabs both of them and runs out of the station to meet Mario. As Luigi does not know which soda is the cure, he takes a random guess (although previous puzzles indicate that Fungus Up is the cure). If he drinks the Morel Moxie, he is affected by the mind swap and appears in the body of a pony, leading to a Game Over.