Hall of Horrors

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The Hall of Horrors in Monster Mix-Up
The Hall of Horrors

The Hall of Horrors is an attraction of the Koopa and Kailey Circus in Monster Mix-Up. Its tent is entirely gray, making it stand out from the bright colors of the other tents, and its sign is written with red letters. Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the Mushroom King can visit it while looking for a missing Princess Peach. The king suggests going there since it seems like a natural place to hide a kidnapped individual; also, he enjoys being scared. If the group enters it, the entire area is pitch black. Mario suggests finding a light switch, leading a raspy-voiced individual to flip it. The tent illuminates to reveal a captured Princess Peach, an army of Koopa Troopas, and Morton Koopa Jr. at the switch. The group of heroes is quickly subdued, which leads to a Game Over.