S.S. Moreltania

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S.S. Moreltania is a royal cruise ship in the Nintendo Adventure Book, Flown the Koopa. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Toad take the ship across the ocean to the International Dino-Flying Derby in Dinosaur Land. The Mushroom King at the helm, although all he does is press the autopilot button and stare at it, a task he considers even tougher than ruling over the Mushroom Kingdom. They end up crashing into the island and running the ship aground, despite the King's insistence that all of the devices indicated that the ship was a mile away from shore. Everyone then leaves the ship, with Peach and Yoshi going on ahead to register for the events. After Mario and Luigi defeat the Magikoopa terrorizing the Derby, they return to the S.S. Moreltania and leave the island.

Its name is a pun on morels, a type of mushroom, and the RMS Mauretania, a twentieth-century English ocean liner constructed with new technology that let it hold speed records for years.