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Feldspar is a penguin in Leaping Lizards. His name refers to a group of minerals, feldspar. He is the host and official referee of the International Mushroom Games. He introduces each of the teams as they enter (though he accidentally refers to the Sneaks as the Snakes), including the individual member participating in a given event, though he only explains the basics of each event; when others attempt to ask him more questions, he ignores them and moves on. During the Turnip Toss event, Wooster organizes his vegetables neatly instead of throwing them, and when he attempts to convince Feldspar that they look better that way, Feldspar only scowls at him. Once all of the events are over, Feldspar discusses with the judges and announces the winner of the games. If Luigi's team wins, he gives them a Hoopster-shaped trophy and fifty coins.