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The Sneaks are a group in Leaping Lizards. They are a team participating in the International Mushroom Games against the Royals, Koopas, and Hammers. They are the only team composed of seven members instead of the others' six: This includes two Bloober Nannies, a Cobrat, two Firesnakes, Spike, and a Rocky Wrench. When Feldspar begins introducing the teams, he mistakenly refers to the Sneaks as the Snakes, though Spike quickly corrects him. Rocky Wrench participates during the obstacle course (he is introduced only at this point and not at the beginning with the rest of his team), the entire team participates during the Beetlebowl, and Cobrat participates during the Super Triple Jump. Their placement throughout the competition can depend on Luigi's choices:

  • Obstacle course – first place (only if Mario or Luigi runs the event)
  • Beetlebowl – second place (only if either Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool dunk, or if Mario and Luigi defend)
  • Super Triple Jump – either second place (if Luigi uses both the pogo stick and wings or neither) or third place (if Luigi uses one of his items or if the Mushroom King participates)