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The pogo stick in Leaping Lizards

The pogo stick is an item in Leaping Lizards. It is found inside a pool full of Bloobers in Iggy Koopa's laboratory, which can be reached only if Luigi hides on the Doom Ship until it docks into the lab and then happens to have the Frog Suit. Luigi quickly puts on the Frog Suit and fights off the Bloobers, who drop the pogo stick. He takes it with him as he leaves the pool. The pogo stick can later be used at the International Mushroom Games if Luigi competes in the Super Triple Jump. If he has the pogo stick, he uses it as he enters a pipe that launches him towards a field. He lands at 152 Mushroom Meters, narrowly beating Cobrat's 150 Mushroom Meters but losing to Iggy's 160 Mushroom Meters. If Luigi has both the pogo stick and the wings, he uses them both at the same time, but they generate so much propulsion that he is launched far out of the stadium, disqualifying him from the event and resulting in a Game Over.