Angus Boomer

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Angus Boomer is a Sledge Brother in Leaping Lizards. He is a member of the Hammers during the International Mushroom Games. During the obstacle course, he is the one competing for his team. Depending on Luigi's choices as to who should participate in the event for his team, Angus inadvertently ends up in different rankings. If Mario is chosen, he destroys a brick that Angus happens to be standing on, causing Angus to fall on top of him; the two then land at the edge of the river, and Angus shoves Mario away so that he can start swimming. Angus then catches up to Roy Koopa, but while the two start riding on their flying carpets, Morton Koopa pushes him off, and Angus falls into the pit of Munchers, ending the race in last place. If Luigi chooses himself, he momentarily passes Angus while running, but Angus soon passes him after Luigi gets stung by an electric jellyfish. Later, while Angus is riding on a flying carpet, Luigi attempts to cut a hole underneath Angus's carpet so that he falls, but the two crash into each other and slide into the finish line together. Angus is awarded second place and a wooden medal, as Rocky Wrench finished first and Roy landed in the Munchers. If Princess Toadstool is chosen, Roy trips Angus as they reach the river. Angus is sent flying over everyone and bellyflops into the water, which knocks him out. His bellyflop creates huge waves, and Toadstool pulls off one of the plates of his shell to use as a makeshift surfboard, riding on the waves into first place. Angus does not wake up for the rest of the race. He is also briefly seen during the Beetlebowl, where he dunks on the Royals' bucket if Mario and Luigi are chosen to defend it.