Key (Koopa Capers)

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koopa capers 4 key

The key is an item in Koopa Capers. It is a heavy golden key shaped like Bowser's head. The key falls to the ground surrounded by nine coins after Luigi hits the sixth floating block in a small room in Bowser's Castle, after which Luigi pockets the key and coins. He later reaches a dead end in the side of a second lava cliff in the Magma Pits, where he squats down to be the same height as Wendy O. Koopa and notices a keyhole shaped like Bowser's head that is tucked below an outcrop. If Luigi has the key, he uses it to unlock the door and enters a chamber where he finds Boom-Boom's socks. If Luigi does not have the key, he searches for it until he chooses to wait for someone to open the door. As he sits down to wait, he falls asleep, only to be woken up by Koopa Troopas marching after they open the door. After waiting for them to go by, Luigi goes through the door right before it closes. While he is inside the chamber, six Fire Brothers enter from a door on the other side and start blowing fireballs at him, requiring him to have firepower.