Mushroom Elementary School

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The Mushroom Elementary School is an institution in Brain Drain. Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad, and the Mushroom King pass by the location while running around the Mushroom Kingdom in an attempt to see how many people have had their minds swapped by Iggy Koopa's Synapse Switcher. They notice that all of the Toad children are freely running around except for one, who is shouting at the others to stop while claiming that she is their principal. Meanwhile, the "principal" is letting the children run amok and tells them not to listen to the little Toad. Mario and company realize that the principal and the child swapped minds, and run ahead in search of other victims. By the end of the story, the group starts to put the cure to the mind-swapping, Fungus Up, in the water supply, which eventually cures everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom.