Magnifying glass (Double Trouble)

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The magnifying glass is an item in Double Trouble. It can be obtained while Mario searches for supplies (if the reader chooses the second path on a certain puzzle) or after he and Luigi defeat the fake Luigi at their plumbing shop. After the fake Luigi melts into orange mush from being hit with spaghetti sauce, Mario runs to the supply room and returns to the workshop with a magnifying glass. He uses it to inspect the melted imposter, but he cannot figure out what the imposter is made of. He then pockets the magnifying glass. If he has it after he arrives at the Mushroom Palace, he uses it to inspect the two kings' noses to identify the fake. He notices the second king's nose and the rest of his body are made completely out of sand, letting Mario know that king is fake, so he tells the royal mushroom guards to take that king away, which they do. Afterwards, Mario pockets the magnifying glass. If he does not have it after he arrives at the palace, he chooses to search for Toad, who gives him one after being rescued from Piranha plants.