Lake Trilobite

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The puzzle involving dinosaurs' names.
The puzzle involving coins.

Lake Trilobite is a body of water found on Dinosaur Land. In Dinosaur Dilemma, Mario can visit it if he decides to look for Luigi the missing dinosaurs there, and he ends up here if he goes searching for apples. If he goes to the lake while searching for the dinosaurs, he sees a group of them on the other side of the lake alongside the also-missing Yoshi. Mario decides to make his way to the other side, which can be done by either directly swimming there or riding a flimsy raft. By solving a puzzle which involves arranging a group of letters into the names of dinosaurs, the hint of "NO BOAT" is given, recommending that Mario swims across. If he still uses the raft, it quickly breaks under Mario's weight, and he passes out in the lake only to later wake up in the basement of a nearby mansion. If he swims across, he dives in and proceeds to collect a group of coins on the lakebed (the exact amount is determined by another puzzle). After he swims across the lake, or after Mario collects the apples, he ends up next to the group of dinosaurs, who are noticeably hungry. If he has the basket of apples, the dinosaurs reveal themselves to be Mega Moles in disguise and immediately eat him; if he does not have any apples, he wanders around with the other dinosaurs (who are actually dinosaurs and not Mega Moles in disguise) away from the lake in search of food.