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The Times-Square-atops is a Slimosaur that serves Bowser in Dinosaur Dilemma. It is named after Times Square in New York City and the Triceratops. It is large in size and it is wrapped in bright, constantly flashing lights, which it also uses as weapons by swinging around its body. It appears after Mario defeats the Tie-rack-asaurus Necks, and immediately attacks Mario with its blinding lights and heavy light fixtures. If Mario has a Magic Feather, he uses it to become Cape Mario and flies over the Times-Square-atops to land next to Yoshi, who had just finished eating a whole tray of pies and was still hungry for more. Mario then takes off his cape, wraps it around Yoshi's eyes, and points Yoshi in the direction of the Times-Square-atops, causing him to swallow the entire dinosaur, including its lights, in one gulp. If Mario does not have a Magic Feather, the Times-Square-atops knocks Mario and Yoshi out with his lights, and the two later wake up in an empty field with little memory of what happened and none of his Coins. This also resets the reader's progress, as Mario and Yoshi can repeat events that have already happened and return to the fortress as if nothing happened.