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The Thesaurus is a Slimosaur that serves Bowser in Dinosaur Dilemma. Its name is a pun on "thesaurus," which describes a collection of synonymous terms, and "-saurus," a common suffix for dinosaurs. It attacks Mario and Yoshi with a group of other Slimosaurs after they defeat the Times-Square-atops. It is described as resembling the shape of a bookcase (as thesauri are often published as books) and knowing 367 ways of attacking. If Mario has a Super Star, he uses it to dash between the Thesaurus's feet and avoid its attacks. Yoshi, meanwhile, is eating the nails off a spice rack until it falls, causing a cloud of chili pepper to envelop the room; the Thesaurus soon starts sneezing before violently exploding. The room's occupants are then coated in yellow-and-green dino-goo, including Gary Koopa, C. Everett Koopa, Francis Ford Koopola, James Fennimore Koopa, and the rest of the Snowbell Prize Committee, who entered the room after hearing the commotion. If Mario does not have a Super Star, the Thesaurus relentlessly beats him up (while the narration uses a variety of words to describe the action, as per a thesaurus's use) until a Game Over occurs.