Giant spear man

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Not to be confused with Spear Guy.
Giant spear man
Species Pirate Goom
First appearance Wario Land II (1998)

The giant spear man (also called Spear Guy[1][2]) is a large Pirate Goom that appeared in Wario Land II. He appears in many levels throughout the game, with the objective of each of these levels being to defeat the giant spear man. When encountered, he slowly walks back and forth, much like a regular Pirate Goom, attempting to stab Wario with his spear. Wario damages him by Ground Pounding him from above, which also makes him change color. Ten hits takes down the giant spear man, causing him to drop a silver coin.

The giant spear man also appears at the end of the Really Final Chapter. Here, he is positioned on a platform that Wario cannot land on, meaning that he must continuously bounce off of the giant spear man until he is defeated. After Wario steals Captain Syrup's treasure, the giant spear man is shown following him back to his castle during the credits. His motivation for doing so is unclear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デカヤリクリ
Deka Yarikuri
Giant Spear Goom


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