Go to the cellar!!

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Go to the cellar!! prologue
The Black Sugar Gang escapes with Wario's treasure through an underground tunnel

Go to the cellar!! is an alternative version of Wario Land II's second chapter. It can be accessed from stage 1-5 and can be seen as an alternative path, since it skips regular chapter 2 and reconnects with chapter 3 afterwards.

Wario's quest has not been delayed by a battle with the giant snake, so he is able to catch up with the intruders that have stolen his treasure and follow them to a system of underground tunnels. The chapter is composed of various cavern-themed levels and an underground rail road track. At the end, a battle with the cave master awaits.

List of stories[edit]

Encountered enemies[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第2章 地下へ!
Dai 2-shō: Chika e!
Chapter 2: To the Cellar!