Escape from the ruins!

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Escape from the ruins!
Chapter 3, Story 4: Escape from the ruins!
Level code 3-4
Game Wario Land II
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Escape from the ruins! is the fourth story of an additional chapter three in the game Wario Land II. It takes place inside the ruined remains of an ancient civilization deep at the bottom of the sea. This level features a special kind of block that moves when a switch is hit. Wario can use this to make his way to Big Kamukamu, the boss of this level.

Depending on the way the player completes this level, they might either continue with Chapter 4 or unlock a new level with an alternative ending.

Encountered enemies[edit]

Featured conditions[edit]


WL2 T 3x-4.png

The hidden treasure of this level is located in the second room of the level. It can be found behind a door left of the big chunk of movable blocks in the middle of the room. Wario has to hit a switch so that the movable blocks are facing left. The player can now use the blocks as a stepping stone to reach the door and to obtain the treasure.

Boss battle: Big Kamukamu[edit]

The battle against Big Kamukamu takes place underwater. Big Kamukamu's body is covered with spikes so his only vulnerable spot is his soft belly. Wario has to lure him from the ground so that he exposes his belly. The player should then have Wario slip underneath Big Kamukamu and attack him. He should be careful to not get eaten or the battle will be over and Wario will be transported to another room. The battle gets harder and Big Kamukamu more unpredictable the more hits he received. After three hits the fish will turn red and attack furiously. One more hit is enough to take Big Kamukamu out and win the battle.

The plot reconnects to Chapter 4 after Big Kamukamu is defeated.

Secret exit[edit]

The player can find a secret exit in this level which leads to another level of this chapter and eventually to an additional ending.

In the second room Wario will need the help of the movable blocks in the middle of the room to proceed. It is however possible to reach the next area even when the blocks are not usable as stepping stones. In order to do this the player has to have Wario pick up a nearby Punch and perform the bounce jump on him to reach the next area. Wario will now be able to explore a new area with a secret goal door that can be reached with another bounce jump.

Alternatively, Wario can proceed through the level normally until he reaches the room with many D.D.s. If Wario breaks the wall behind the second D.D., he will find a hidden switch. Hitting the switch will cause the blocks in the previous room to move, and Wario will be able to access the area with the goal door.

The door will lead him to the final story of this chapter.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第4話 イセキのなかから だっ出!
Dai 4-wa: Iseki no naka kara dasshutsu!
Story 4: Escape from the Ruins!