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This article is about an enemy from the Wario Land series. For information about the character whose name is abbreviated "DD" in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, see Diddy Kong.
An artwork of the D.D.

D.D.s[1] (short for Dangerous Duck[1]) are common enemies in the Wario Land series for the Game Boy. They are members of Captain Syrup's pirate crew, the Black Sugar Gang. D.D.s are anthropomorphic ducks, wearing striped bandannas and goggles. They wield a boomerang as a weapon and their attack pattern is very similar to that of a Boomerang Bro.


A D.D. as depicted in KC Deluxe

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3[edit]


D.D.s first appear in this game. They try to hinder Wario on his quest for treasure on Kitchen Island. When they spot the treasure hunter, they will stop walking, hit their boomerangs on the ground three times and then throw it at Wario. If they happen to hit him, he will regress to a weaker form or even lose a life.

Wario Land II[edit]


The D.D.s return in the sequel. Their attack pattern remains exactly the same as it has been in the previous game: Charging and then throwing their boomerangs at Wario. They are classified as heavy enemies in this game, meaning that Wario will slow down significantly when carrying one.

Flagman D.D[edit]

The Flagman game hosted by a D.D.

An unlockable Minigame which could be accessed by completing the game with 100% featured a D.D. as host, along with a white puff and a Gugi. The Minigame itself was a remake of the Game & Watch title Flagman.

Four Ducks[edit]

A recolored version of the D.D.

Level 5-3 of Wario Land II features a special type of D.D., although they are not stronger than regular D.D.s. In the Game Boy Color re-release, they're given a dark magenta color palette to indicate their special status; the Four Ducks look identical to regular D.D.s in the original Game Boy version.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese D.D.[2] D.D. has unclear meaning in the Japanese version.
French Coin-Coin "Quack"
German Dangerous Duck From English manual description.
Italian D.D. -


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